Palladium: uses

The following uses for palladium are gathered from a number of sources as well as from anecdotal comments. I'd be delighted to receive corrections as well as additional referenced uses (please use the feedback mechanism to add uses).

  • finely divided palladium is a good catalyst for hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions
  • alloyed for use in jewellery. White gold is an alloy of gold decolourised by the addition of palladium
  • can be beaten into leaf as thin as 1/250000 inch
  • dentistry (crowns)
  • used in fine instruments such as watches and some surgical instruments
  • used to make electrical contacts
  • used to purify hydrogen gas

palladium wedding ring by Superior Wedding Rings
Palladium is perhaps a more affordable metal than platinum and gold. Palladium is one of the whitest metals available for jewelry. This is a palladium wedding ring supplied by Superior Wedding Rings. It is palladium PD950 (95% palladium 5% rhodium).

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