Chemistry Nexus

by WebElements: the periodic table on the web

WebElements™ was first released in September 1993 but -warning- the first versions (1.0-1.1 and various sub-versions) contain many errors in the data. I have tried to get all pirated copies of WebElements™ version 1 off the WWW but there are still a few out there. WebElementsTM is the WWW version of a computer program for Macintoshes called MacElements™ that I started work upon in 1989.The WebElements™ version that you are looking at now is under continual development, as is any decent web site. The layout is very different from early versions. Currently we do not offer a “frames” version. The directory structure is radically different so as to allow future expansion. I apologise to all those whose bookmarks to pages buried within WebElements™ no longer work.