Zinc: biological information

Zinc is essential in the diets of plants and animals. Zinc shortage in soils around the world is an important problem. Zinc is the key component of many enzymes. The protein hormone insulin contains zinc.

Zinc plays a role in reproduction and also sexual maturation. Zinc deficiency resluts in stunted growth and in male sexual immaturity. This is reversed on the addition of zinc in the diet. Some organisms seem to accumulate zinc.

Levels in humans

Table: the abundances of the elements in humans.
Human abundance by weight33000 ppb by weight
Human abundance by atoms3200 atoms relative to C = 1000000

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Hazards and Risks

Hazards and risks associated with zinc: zinc metal is a human skin irritant and is a severe fire hazard but otherwise is non-toxic. Most common zinc compounds are not very toxic but a few zinc salts may be carcinogens. Use of some zinc compounds is permitted around food. Pollution from industrial smoke may cause lung disease.

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