Hydrogen: physical properties

Under ambient conditions, hydrogen is a colourless highly flammable diatomic gas with the molecular formula H2. Hydrogen gas has no small or taste. It is possible to make liquid hydrogen at atmospheric pressure by cooling it to below 20.28 K (-252.87 °C). Liquid hydrogen can be stored in insulated containers under pressure. Solid hydrogen may be made by cooling below the melting point of 14.01 K (-259.14 °C) and has a low density 88 kg m-3 (0.088 g cm-3). Hydrogen is not an electrical conductor. It may be that a liquid metallic hydrogen is present in the highly compressed interiors of Jupiter and Saturn where pressures are in the millions of atmospheres.

Mechanical properties

Density properties

Elastic properties


Electrical properties

Heat and conduction

Optical properties

Acoustic properties

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