Vanadium: reactions of elements

Reaction of vanadium with air

Vanadium metal reacts with excess oxygen, O2, upon heating to form vanadium(V) oxide, V2O5. When prepared in this way, V2O5 is sometimes contamined by other vanadium oxides.

4V(s) + 5O2(g) → 2V2O5(s) [yellow-orange]

Reaction of vanadium with water

The surface of vanadium metal is protected by an oxide layer and does not reacts with water under normal conditions.

Reaction of vanadium with the halogens

Vanadium reacts with fluorine, F2 upon warming to form vanadium(V) fluoride. The other vanadium pentahalides appear not to be known.

2V(s) + 5F2(g) → 2VF5(l) [colourless]

Reaction of vanadium with acids

Reaction of vanadium with bases

Vanadium metal is resistant to attack by molten alkali.

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