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Periodic table cartograms are periodic table grids distorted using a computer algorithm so that the areas of the element squares are in proportion to a periodic table property. This is a full colour periodic table poster (A2 size, approximately 23.4 x 16.5 inches, 59.4 x 42 cm) and shows 16 different cartograms.

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A periodic table door poster (63 x 21.2 inches, 160 x 54 cm) showing atomic numbers, atomic weights, element symbols, and element names. Radioactive elements are identified. The design is clear and simple and features the extended periodic table layout rotated to display it on a door poster. This door poster is is ideal for doors in classrooms, lecture halls, some laboratories, or bedrooms.

To help you appreciate the scale, each element panel is about 56 x 42 mm (2 x 1.65 inches). The name panel for each element box is edge-coded silverblue or red according to whether the element is a metal, semi-metal, or non-metal. The element symbol is displayed as black, blue, or red according to whether the element is solid, liquid, or gaseous.

The door poster also identifies clearly the periodic table groupings of elements (alkali metals, alkaline earths, lanthanoids, actinides, rare earths, pnitogens, chalcogens, halogens, coinage metals, and the platinum group metals), classification (metal, semi-metal, non-metal), Pauling electronegativity, and single bond covalent radii.

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