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Chemistry Trumps is a trump-card game in the style of Top Trumps, with thirty two chemical elements of the Periodic Table as the subject of the game.

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Chemistry Trumps is a trump-card game in the style of Top Trumps, with thirty two chemical elements of the Periodic Table as the subject of the game. The game has been approved for sale by Winning Moves Ltd, the owners of the Top Trumps brand, and has been developed at, and supported by, the University of Brighton in the UK. Chemistry Trumps won a University of Brighton Innovation Award.

WebElements is pleased to be able to offer for sale an enhanced, commercial version of the game. Each playing card has a picture of the relevant element either in its native form or in some type of application. The trump factors are Atomic Mass, Danger Factor, Usefulness Factor, Melting Point and Year of Discovery. At the bottom of each card are some ‘Elementary Facts’, designed to give the player some insights into the element. All the factors and the facts have been meticulously researched and proofed to ensure an excellent playing experience for participants, and the game is backed up with a fact-packed online periodic table which explains the Factors and adds to the educational experience.

Chemistry Trumps are an excellent tool for learning through play; we have run test groups of younger players and they have learned not only about the common elements, but also about the less common ones,and how to deal with, and compare negative numbers like low melting points and pre-AD Years of Discovery. Older players have benefited by learning new facts from the game and also by seeing unusual examples of application of elements, as well as learning new elementary facts.

There are 33 cards in a pack, 32 of which are element playing cards. The rules are on the reverse of the title card. Chemistry Trumps will appeal not only to younger players but also 16-18 year old students who know of the Top Trumps format and who have an interest in chemistry. They are also an ideal way for parents to become involved in a child’s chemistry learning whilst also having fun. Chemistry Trumps are also ideal stocking fillers.

These packs are new, and commercially printed by the same printers that produce Top Trumps; naturally to the same standard. They are also cellophane wrapped. They are NOT available in the shops. A must for the Trumps collector, the chemistry enthusiast, the science scholar, the science-oriented pupil or anyone who wants to play an unusual and novel trumps game.

With each order we’ll send you a free silky periodic table bookmark and a free glossy laminated postcard sized periodic table for your noticeboard!

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