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I have restructured WebElements. The restructuring is all style at the front-end and reorganisation at the back-end, meaning all the errors in data are still there but they are displayed more beautifully and efficiently. Fixing some of those errors is now a priority.

All this should allow me to update content far more easily than has been the case, meaning things should move quicker. The database is now far simpler and hopefully the addresses like far more helpful. I would say the new site is now “beta” meaning it is largely functional but expect glitches for a little while. I have not updated the “scholar” version but will do so if there seems to be a demand. Following this restructuring there are a number of features I am now in a position to implement and this will happen over the next few weeks/months.

Quite significant numbers of you are using the site via iPhones so I am tempted to produce a version for that sort of screen size. Please do let me know by adding comments here if there are features you would like to see.

May 13th, 2008

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