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The results of cross-section measurements for the reactions 209Bi(12C,X)Au, E=4.8 and 25.2 GeV and 209Bi(20Ne,X)Au, E=8.0 GeV are reported. The observed yields of the gold isotopes show a similar dependence on mass number for each reaction, differing slightly in the position of the centroid of the distribution. As the projectile energy increases, the inferred excitation energy of the primary residues remains the same or decreases slightly.

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December 17th, 2009

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hs-1995-16-g-web_print.thumbnailThe BBC reported that parts of Venus may be lead plated. David Whitehouse reports that “The highlands of Venus are covered by a heavy metal ‘frost’, say planetary scientists from Washington University.Because it is hot enough to melt lead at the surface, metals vaporise and condense at cooler, higher elevations.This may explain why radar observations made by orbiting spacecraft show that the highlands are highly reflective.Detailed

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December 8th, 2009

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