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The BBC is airing some “periodic tales” on Radio 4. Familiar Radio 4 voices introduce elements from the Periodic Table and the unique roles they play in human existence – with a little help from the irreverent Tom Lehrer. Listen to these ten elements:

  • Krypton: Heidli Nicklaus on the Superman element, krypton
  • Helium: Brian Perkins dramatises the effects of Helium
  • Silver: Trevor Harrison (Eddie Grundy in the Archers) finds some unusual properties of Silver
  • Cobalt: Hedli Nicklaus (Cathy Perks) takes on the goblin element of cobalt
  • Selenium: Carole Boyd (The Archers’ Linda Snell) unearths selenium
  • Oxygen: Brian Perkins bravely dramatises the effects of oxygen
  • Arsenic: Charlotte Green takes on the deadly history of arsenic
  • Mercury: Carole Boyd (Linda Snell) reflects on mercury, the poisonous liquid metal
  • Iodine: Charlotte Green on the discovery of iodine’s essential place in brain development
  • Nickel: Trevor Harrison reveals that the space station Mir is largely made of nickel

[Note added Dec 2009: sadly these recordings no longer exist on the BBC site. I did offer to host them here but no luck]

Update: try here

February 7th, 2011

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