Flerovium: historical information

  • Discoveror: Workers at the Nuclear Institute at Dubna, Russia
  • Place of discovery: Dubna, Russia
  • Date of discovery: 1998
  • Origin of name : flerovium (atomic symbol Fl) was named for the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions where element 114 was synthesized. Georgiy N. Flerov (1913-1990) was an eminent physicist who discovered the spontaneous fission of uranium. He was the founder of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research..

Only a very few atoms of flerovium (289114Fl) have ever been made (through a nuclear reaction involving fusing a calcium atom with a plutonium atom) isolation of an observable quantity has never been achieved, and may well never be. The discovery was reported informally in January 1999 following experiments towards the end of December 1998 involving scientists at Dubna (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) in Russia and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA.

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