Seaborgium: historical information

  • Discoveror: Albert Ghiorso and others
  • Place of discovery: The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in California and the Livermore National Laboratory, USA.
  • Date of discovery: 1974
  • Origin of name : glenn T. "Seaborg", American nuclear chemist and Nobel prize winner..

Transuranium elements such as seaborgium can be created artificially in particle accelerators. Isotopes of seaborgium have short half-lives of less than a second. The first report of element 106 came in 1974 from the Soviet Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and these were followed later by others from Berkeley in California, USA. Experiments at the same American institution confirmed the discovery in 1993. The Russian experiments involved the bombardment of lead isotopes with high energy 54Cr ions while the American results followed the collision of 18O ions with 249Cf ions.

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