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WebElements now has the capability for authors on the site to embed easily interactive spectra using the JSpecView applet via bbcode using jspecview tags. This is achieved by writing:[jspecview=600,400]pclanilIR.jdx[/jspecview].

The =600,400 bit gives the desired spectrum size while the file name to be displayed is included between the tags. The file is uploaded by authors who are assigned rights to upload attachments. The user (you) needs Javascript to be active on their computer. Here is an >example (not active at present. The motivation for this came from CHMEMCONF Spring 2006 following initial results with Jmol, and in particular Robert Lancashire’s paper. With Roberts’s help, what I’ve done here is made a small extension to the software I’m using here (Drupal so that spectra in JCAMP-DX formatted can be embedded simply with a bbcode type string.

Note: this site is not using Drupal at  present so this does not work – but see JSmol molecule viewer and JSmol test for the replacements.

December 2nd, 2015

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