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by WebElements: the periodic table on the web

You might like to have a look at an electronic poster on WebElements presented at the 210th American Chemical Society Meeting in Chicago, USA (1995).

Also, WebElements features in an on-line Chemistry in Britain article which appeared in the September 1995 issue.

WebElements formed part of the subject material of an RSC Chemical Communication: Chemical Applications of the World Wide Web system.1

WebElements is one of the sites mentioned in an informative Chemical & Engineering News article published on 13 November 1995: Chemistry Sites Proliferate On The Internet’s World Wide Web.


1. Henry S. Rzepa, Benjamin J. Whitaker, and Mark J. Winter. “Chemical applications of the World-Wide-Web system“, Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, 1994, 1907-1910.

December 2nd, 1995

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