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Reset WebElements Select this icon wherever you see it to go to the home page, either for WebElements or for the current selection in WebElements.
Periodic Table Whenever you see this icon you can select it to show the periodic table. From there, you can use the full periodic table to select any element of interest to you. In practice, you will need to use this link frequently in order to navigate around the table.
The navigation panel to the left always contains a navigation menu. The only exception is when you are viewing the periodic table itself. For each element, this menu will contain some 25 or so categories of information. Use the menu to select whatever is of interest to you.
Once you are reading the data of interest to you, you can navigate between elements in two ways. First, use the periodic table icon link (as above) to switch element. Second, you can navigate to adjacent elements in the periodic table from the table of links shown at the top of each information screen.
speak welcome Whenever you see this icon on the menu for an element, select it to hear the name of the element in more-or-less standard English (provided your computer is equipped for sound).
  There are many other features built in to WebElementsTM, but I'll leave them for you to find.

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