Update to this site

I'm managing to make some progress on this area of the site, but a little more rushed than I would have preferred owing to what amounted to a denial of service attack from Russia and the failure of the previous forum software to cope. Several years ago I used content management software to combine news/forums/wikis and so on but the software was too early and clunky. After that I moved to smaller packages, one for news, one for forums, and so on. That worked but it was all rather fragmented. Open source content management systems have evolved and here we see the first steps to recombine the news, forums and so on pack into a single entity using a single system. I have a different system that I am still pondering for the future but I think this one is OK for now. So, what we now have is:

  • News: (starting with the material from the previous news site. I need to recruit a few novice reporters for this so volunteers are invited to get in contact. We can pay a little for articles, but not top rate;
  • Forums: starting with the posts from the previous forums site. All members from the previous forums site who made any posts still have accounts but all these members need to reset their password (this is a security measure, sorry for inconvenience);
  • File downloads: moved from forums to their own menu block below to the left;
  • Polls: just a little fun really - suggestions for new ones welcome;
  • News feeds: I've added news feeds to a number of journals and will add more chemistry/science feeds later. Depending upon your access rights to these journals, you should be able to jump straight to the journal article from the feed article;
  • Additional chemistry material: in the form of a highly expandable online book. This will contain material relevant to the periodic table that does not sit comfortably in the current WebElements site, but also any other phase of chemistry as well. Contributors are welcome to this - please get in contact.
  • Blogs: what you are reading now. As an experiment I am open to requests from anyone who wishes to publish their own blog on this WebElements site - please get in contact.
  • Interactive molecules: via the Jmol applet. See elsewhere for details. I hope to add interactive spectra via JSpecView as well shortly. The point here is that you, the users, will be able to upload molecule files, if you wish, as part of your posts.

We will have, or may have, in the future other features such as online chemistry courses using one of the best course management systems available.

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