Single-bonded cubic form of nitrogen

TitleSingle-bonded cubic form of nitrogen
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsEremets, Mikhail I., Gavriliuk Alexander G., Trojan Ivan A., Dzivenko Dymitro A., and Boehler Reinhard
JournalNature Materials
Pagination558 - 563
Date Published8/2004
KeywordsAnalytical chemistry
Short TitleNat Mater
Citation Key196
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Abstract: Nitrogen usually consists of molecules where two atoms are strongly triple-bonded. Here, we report on an allotropic form of nitrogen where all atoms are connected with single covalent bonds, similar to carbon atoms in diamond. The compound was synthesized directly from molecular nitrogen at temperatures above 2,000 K and pressures above 110 GPa using a laser-heated diamond cell

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