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Counterion-Induced UCST for Polycations

28 October, 2014 - 18:55

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MacromoleculesDOI: 10.1021/ma501924r

Controlled Cyclopolymerization of Difunctional Vinyl Monomers in Coordination Nanochannels

28 October, 2014 - 18:15

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MacromoleculesDOI: 10.1021/ma501232n

Influence of Functionalized Graphene Sheets on Modulus and Glass Transition of PMMA

28 October, 2014 - 12:45

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MacromoleculesDOI: 10.1021/ma501709g

Direct Arylation Polycondensation of Bithiazole Derivatives with Various Acceptors

24 October, 2014 - 11:31

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MacromoleculesDOI: 10.1021/ma5014397

Photoresponsive Supramolecular Architectures Based on Polypeptide Hybrids

24 October, 2014 - 05:28

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MacromoleculesDOI: 10.1021/ma501601r

The Tricontinuous 3ths(5) Phase: A New Morphology in Copolymer Melts

23 October, 2014 - 13:05

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MacromoleculesDOI: 10.1021/ma5016352

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