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Drop Impact and Rebound Dynamics on an Inclined Superhydrophobic Surface

29 September, 2014 - 20:08

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LangmuirDOI: 10.1021/la502500z

Dynamics of Chemotactic Droplets in Salt Concentration Gradients

29 September, 2014 - 13:15

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LangmuirDOI: 10.1021/la502624f

Dual Self-Sorting by Cucurbit[8]uril To Transform a Mixed Micelle to Vesicle

26 September, 2014 - 20:04

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LangmuirDOI: 10.1021/la502644v

Nanocrystalline CeO2−δ as Effective Adsorbent of Azo Dyes

26 September, 2014 - 20:02

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LangmuirDOI: 10.1021/la502969w

Adsorption, Aggregation, and Desorption of Proteins on Smectite Particles

26 September, 2014 - 12:28

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LangmuirDOI: 10.1021/la502840s

Effect of Water Layer at the SiO2/Graphene Interface on Pentacene Morphology

25 September, 2014 - 17:13

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LangmuirDOI: 10.1021/la502970q

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