American Chemical Society

Programmable pH-Triggered DNA Nanoswitches

J. Am. Chem. Soc. - 9 April, 2014 - 05:31

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Journal of the American Chemical SocietyDOI: 10.1021/ja500619w

Li-Anode Protective Layers for Li Rechargeable Batteries via Layer-by-Layer Approaches

Chem. Mat. - 8 April, 2014 - 20:00

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Chemistry of MaterialsDOI: 10.1021/cm404154u

Structural Defects and Positronium Formation in 40 keV B+-Implanted Polymethylmethacrylate

J. Phys. Chem. B - 8 April, 2014 - 19:40

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The Journal of Physical Chemistry BDOI: 10.1021/jp410763t

Nanoscale Surface Topography Reshapes Neuronal Growth in Culture

Langmuir - 8 April, 2014 - 19:22

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LangmuirDOI: 10.1021/la5001683

Effect of Molecular Architecture on Single Polymer Adhesion

Langmuir - 8 April, 2014 - 18:09

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LangmuirDOI: 10.1021/la500783n

Cooperative Effects and Optimal Halogen Bonding Motifs for Self-Assembling Systems

J. Phys. Chem. A - 8 April, 2014 - 16:47

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The Journal of Physical Chemistry ADOI: 10.1021/jp501553j

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