Chemical reactions of the elements

Reaction of krypton with air

Krypton does not react with air.

Reaction of krypton with water

Krypton does not react with water. It does, however, dissolve slightly to the extent of about 59.4 cm3 kg-1 at 20°C (293 K)

Reaction of krypton with the halogens

Whn a mixture of krypton and fluorine, F2, is cooled to -196°C (the boiling point of nitrogen) and zapped with an electric discharge or X-rays, the result is formation of the difluoride krypton(II) fluoride, KrF2. This compound decomposes on warming to room temeperature. The other halogens do not react with krypton.

Kr(s) + F2(s) → KrF2(s)

Reaction of krypton with acids

Krypton does not react with any acids.

Reaction of krypton with bases

Krypton does not react with any bases.

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