Actinium: atomic number 89

Factors should be paid attention to when bearing and seal

Work to make up for good lubrication performance of the conditions and policy environment, and to maximize the use of such as bearings and seals. Bearing seal sealing and more can be classified as its sealing, take turns in the manufacturing and seal sealing performance, more in need of a choice. We are choose to attach more importance to rotation factor is?
Seal the benefits of including rotation, which is suitable and so on. The facility chain, dismantle become cheaper.
Therefore, should ensure that the steps sealing six factors:

A specifical food additives supply in China

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Is it better to Add a Link to forum?

I am sorry that I have nearly forgotten this forum. Is it better to Add a Link from the web-elements homepage to this forum?

Dendrimer-based glyphosate has better performance.

Dendrimer-based glyphosate has better performance.

error in units

The units of resistivity don't come out right.

10^-8 Ohm * m
m Ohm * cm

the 'm' should be a 'mu', but unfortunately they both look the same in the latin alphabet.


Chemistry queries


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Error: Ac crystal structure

Looking up the reference for the Ac crystal structure I noticed that the lattice constant is wrong. The correct lattice constant is
531 pm
The lattice constant given now is the lattice constant for actinium hydride from the same paper.

/Torbjörn Björkman

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hi, how can I contact the owner of this blog? Give me his e-mail please, I've got a question.

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