Rhodium: atomic number 45

Purity of metals

All I want to know is what these percentages mean 99% 2N 99.9% 3N     99.99% 4N   99.999% 5N     99.9999% 6N, and which one is bullion for these elements.

Correction: Young's Modulus and Bulk Modulus Values for Rhodium

Posted April 15th, 2008.
It appears there is a mistake in the values of Young's
modulus (E) and bulk modulus (K) for Rhodium.

First, the Poisson's ratio (nu) value of 0.26 matches
that of a standard source, ASM Metals Handbook. The value
for Young's Modulus E, stated in that source is 379 GPa. Any
standard text on mechanics of materials will confirm the
relationship K = E / {3(1-2*nu)} . This relation shows that
for Poisson's ratio less than 1/3, K must be less than E.
If E=379 GPa and nu=0.26, then we should have
K=E/1.44=263.2 GPa.

error in units

The units of resistivity don't come out right.

10^-8 Ohm * m
m Ohm * cm

the 'm' should be a 'mu', but unfortunately they both look the same in the latin alphabet.


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