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Are you having weird questions in your mind while you study organic chemistry, write the questions to me and get your queries resolved.I am a Doctorate in Organic Chemistry and I am sure to solve your all the queries. Write your queries at nidhi.o.sharma@gmail.com.

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I find the news aggregator very helpful.Kindly include feeds from interscience.wiley.viz. Angewandte Chemie International Edition,Advanced Material,Small, Functional Material.If you can include feeds from Sciencedirect.com it will add the richness of this site.
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Samuel L. Ralte,

The Copyright

I've translated the contents of hydrogenium and helium into simplified Chinese from your site but not published on anywhere. I want to get the permission from the author in order to submit it on the Internet. Could I?
You can download the attachment, but you should change the extension into ".zip" before you open it.

The address of the attachment:

Color of Ion ?

I have a problem in detecting the color of ion in solution.
Ex: ion Fe 2+ in sulution is blue , but what is the color of AgF ?
AgBr , and more ??? Can you help me with a table of color !
Thanks so much !

Can anyone help me?

Why when breaking in a car a normal balloon will travel forwards but helium balloon will travel backwards?

Can someone please tell me how to download palmelements for palm pilot?

Hello. Can someone please answer the following about palmelements, I want to download to my palm.I was able to download software,(teal) but unable to download it...thanx! skhunter:)

I've got a question.

hi, how can I contact the owner of this blog? Give me his e-mail please, I've got a question.

Dr. Tomash Sanderson
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