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many elements organized in nutrition for healthy organizational life

We say here about chemicals. Many chemicals use in medicines for healthy life. That is chemical theory of healthy use. Chemicals are in two type first one is Organic and second one is Inorganic. We take foods and get nutrition from foods for health requirements of human life. Get organic foods To fulfil need of human nutrition We take fruits, many types of planes parts. See here requirements of chemicals for human being body

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Is it better to update the Compound list?

I find that there are many compound pages in the webelements are missed in the list page. Is it better to update them?

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A Mistake about Fluorine in Web Elements

"Na2AlF6" should be "Na3AlF6"

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Is it better to Add a Link to forum?

I am sorry that I have nearly forgotten this forum. Is it better to Add a Link from the web-elements homepage to this forum?

Open Access Chemistry Journals

Could anyone please tell me the list of Open Access Chemistry Journals and those publilshers?

greetings from thoson

Hello all,
I am Thomson from USA,The world around us is made of materials of all kind. In future, the role of materials in the human society will undergo more drastic changes. In fact, this change has already started. Understanding how materials work, what gives materials the properties that they have and how wonderful, new materials can be synthesized will form one of the major focuses of science and engineering in the coming years.

Colored and Colorless Salt SOlutions

I'm trying to do my post-lab for a lab that is trying to get us to figure out if solution color is predictable from its interaction with visible light and the atomic structure of the salt's metal ion. We mixed different nitrates with water and then looked at its color and absorbency. I just want to know how the valence shell electron configurations would effect the color. Iron nitrate is yellow, Cobalt nitrate is red, nickel nitrate is green and copper nitrate is blue. They're all in a row, but I don't know why Zinc is colorless when it is right next to the colorful solutions.


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Number of elements present in the periodic table

Can someone tell me what is the total number of elements present in the periodic table? Some say it is 114, Others say it is 118 . There are still others who claim the number to be 122. Justify your answer giving reasons.

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