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The bearing lubricating oil

Bearing lubricating oil has the property of industrial consumables, and need to supplement, charging or replaced regularly, their demand is closely related to the development of manufacturing industry in China. China is currently ranked second in the world of the lubricating oil consumption big country, and the rapid growth.

application of the dendrimer

Blends of CYD-PR121 with PA6 can improve the tensile strength, flexural strength, elongation at break, fluidity properties and lower processing temperature, is suitable to processing temperature below 260℃.

organic chem-ionic

which compound(s) is (are) nonionic?

A. Na2SO4
C. BF3
D. SrBr
E. C and D

organic chemistry-definition


A. is the study of carbon contaning compounds
B. is the study of compounds from living organisms
C. deals exclusively with chemicals that are obtained from natural sources
D. A, B, and C
E. A and C

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