Barium: atomic number 56

error in units

The units of resistivity don't come out right.

10^-8 Ohm * m
m Ohm * cm

the 'm' should be a 'mu', but unfortunately they both look the same in the latin alphabet.


general basic help

I have started a chemistry to do some schooling upgrade, I have taken my gr 11 chem (a long time ago) and forget half of it I really need help. I can work through problems as long as the course guide shows me an example and I have found that I am fairly proficient at this....However there arent always examples and this is where Im at:

I can figure out the basics behind double reaction equations but I cant figure out why the molecular formula is the way it is ie: O2 (I know really basic but it has me boggled)

And I was wondering if you could help me with this:

zinc+mercurous nitrate----->

how can i identify that an element is a gas, ligiuld or asolid

i find it difficult to identify how to classified an element,
please can some one hlp me

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