Antimony: atomic number 51

Characteristics of the steel bearing manufacturing technology

The quality of bearing steel is very strict steel class. Now in direction are: steel users free processing and specifications, quality inspection and precise size and refining, etc., and the important degree is higher. To meet these requirements, ensure the quality of JFE steel products and equipment in the production of steel finishing correlation. The equipment and new technology to improve the quality of production, combined with the width of the size can be high value-added quality and relevance of the aspects of heat treatment of steel.

High-end bearing casting for power

The global manufacturing shift to high-end bearing casting for power . High-end bearing casting for power

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What are the advantages of bangke rotary drum dryer?

There is growing competition in every industry, people dryer performance requirements are increasingly high, then there are a lot of manufacturers in order to achieve sales, dryer equipment performance has been very backward, in fact, want to get user acceptance and trust must be combined with its own transformation and design, in the internal transformation bangke rotary drum dryer to pay a lot of effort in recent years has been domestic provinces and enterprises, and to companies unanimously approved and praise.

The application of self lubricating bearing in casting

Based spacious bearing lubrication temperature products of solid fuel material content fully release gently, good performance and Shanghai lubricating base for the intended use of the spindle effective protection for a long time. Apply to high temperature and low speed, water bath, general manager, university or shock. On the contrary, has been used widely in running environment of mine machinery, steel, petrochemical, chemical, food, fiber, paper making, machinery and equipment, such as action and bearing joints.

One murdered, four wounded in French nuclear plant explosion

A nuclear waste treatment factory in the south of France was shaken by a blast Monday afternoon. The blast killed one and wounded four others. Regulatory authorities say that the event brought on no radiation leaks. France is the world's most nuclear-dependent country. Resource for this article: Explosion in French nuclear facility kills one, injures four

Damage to humans

Without Doing Any Calculations!

A cylinder contains a mixture of hydrogen and chlorine
molecules. Compare without doing any calculations.

a)the relative mass of the molecules
b)the temperature of each gas
c)the average kinetic energy of the molecules
d)the average speed of the molecules

cadmium sulfide

Cadmium sulfide can be used for many purposes, including materials for photo-
resistors; semiconductors; pure, inorganic photoconductors; colorants for
soaps, textiles, paper, plastics and rubber; x-ray fluorescent screens; body
temperature detectors; rectifiers; transistors; photovoltaic cells; solar
cells; and photoelectric radiation.
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error in units

The units of resistivity don't come out right.

10^-8 Ohm * m
m Ohm * cm

the 'm' should be a 'mu', but unfortunately they both look the same in the latin alphabet.


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