Aluminium: atomic number 13

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Colored and Colorless Salt SOlutions

I'm trying to do my post-lab for a lab that is trying to get us to figure out if solution color is predictable from its interaction with visible light and the atomic structure of the salt's metal ion. We mixed different nitrates with water and then looked at its color and absorbency. I just want to know how the valence shell electron configurations would effect the color. Iron nitrate is yellow, Cobalt nitrate is red, nickel nitrate is green and copper nitrate is blue. They're all in a row, but I don't know why Zinc is colorless when it is right next to the colorful solutions.

error in units

The units of resistivity don't come out right.

10^-8 Ohm * m
m Ohm * cm

the 'm' should be a 'mu', but unfortunately they both look the same in the latin alphabet.


Feeds from

I find the news aggregator very helpful.Kindly include feeds from interscience.wiley.viz. Angewandte Chemie International Edition,Advanced Material,Small, Functional Material.If you can include feeds from it will add the richness of this site.
With Regards,
Samuel L. Ralte,

Chem Problem!

Ive been working on this problem for hours and I cannot figure it out! Can anyone help me?
2 CuI + HgI2 Cu2HgI4 When 2.00 g of each reactant are used, which one is the limiting reactant?
Dont you need to know what the initial masses are for each?

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