Chlorine from Salt Water and Lead/Acid Batteries

Saw a submarine movie, salt water got on the batteries and chlorine gas was formed.

H2S04 + NACL -> CL2 + ????

I remember that much of it but after you get into your 2nd half century you start to forget .....

Did a web search to find out if I could find the reaction, explanation, and found this website.

Have looked it over and will browse/answer/ask.


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It should be

H2SO4+ 2NACl --> CL2+ H2+ Na2SO4

but I`m not sure.

looks good to me.


Thanks, yes that jogs some memory. I haven't looked at balancing a reaction in years.

I was a Chem major in college - many, many, many years ago. My faculty advisor (who was the head of the Chem dept) made me take a programming course. When I was done with it a salary survey came out showing beginning programmers were starting out 25% higher than beginning Chemists - so I crossed over to the dark side.

Thanks for the answer

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