I am supposed to elaborate on the bond that compromises F2 (the 2 is a subscript). I don't really have a clue. Anyone who does, please reply. Thanks!


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Imagine you and a buddy are scuba diving. One air supply stops working. You buddy breath. You get the mouth piece for a breath, your buddy gets the mouth piece for a breath. Back and forth, each of you getting the mouthpiece for a lung full of air.

Covalent bonding is like that.

The bond is shared electrons from 2 or more atoms. Each atom then gets the shared electrons for a short time filling out the electron shell.

Shared electrons - the mouthpiece
atoms - you and your buddy.
complete electron shell - the breath.

As you breath through the mouthpiece, you're filling your lungs.
As one atom gets the shared pair, it fills it's electron shell.
Then the mouthpiece is passed to your buddy and your buddy gets a lung full.
The shared electrons then goes to the other atom and it gets a filled electron shell.

There's a very informative article in Wikipedia

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