Sulphide ? Sulphate ?

Can you people tell me how to differenciate between sulphide and sulphate :?: :oops:


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Sulphides are salts of H2S acid, and sulphates are salts of H2S04 acid. For example, K2S is potassium sulphide, and K2SO4 is potassium sulphate.

or "sulfide" and "sulfate" in the states. :)

[quote="UCB Mitch"]or "sulfide" and "sulfate" in the states. :)[/quote]

Sorrie , I don't get what you mean :oops:
Can you explain :?:

In America we spell is sulfide and sulfate.

Oh I see :D
Thanks for telling me that !!
When do we get sulphate or sulphide :?:
Can you give me some examples (experiment) :?:

You can typically buy it from most chemical sellers.

What do you add or mix to get sulphate and sulphide :?:

[quote="Julie"]What do you add or mix to get sulphate and sulphide :?:[/quote]
Sulphates for example: you have several ways to get them.
You can mix some lye (NaOH for example) with H2SO4 acid:

2 NaOH+ H2SO4 --> Na2SO4+ 2 H2O

You can mix H2SO4 acid with metals ( Sr for example ):

H2SO4+ Sr --> SrSO4+ H2

There are some more ways, of course.

Wow :shock: ...
That's hard ...
But thanks anyway !! :)

I think all of you are wrong.Because sulphides are salts of acid H2SO3
Ex: Na2SO3.
Sulphates are the salts of aid H2SO4
ex: Na2SO4

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