Web based periodic table

Can someone adviese me the subj?


hompage http//deaddream.tk

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Click here for a [url=http://www.webelements.com/webelements/scholar/index.html]Web based Periodic Table[/url] that you can use.

You are on webelements. What more could you need?

Re: Web based periodic table

[quote="alieon"]Can someone adviese me the subj?


hompage: http://deaddream.tk[/quote]

I would recommend this one: [url]http://www.webqc.org[/url]


Thanks a lot.

hompage http//deaddream.tk

What's wrong with this one?: http://www.webelements.com

He is probably affiliated with webqc.

[quote="UCB Mitch"]He is probably affiliated with webqc.[/quote]
Nah, I mean Alieon - this person only thanked the person who gave the other link, and didn't say a word when we suggested Webelements :(

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