liquid ammonia

can anyone tell me what are the components of liquid ammonia, the ammonia that is used in house cleaning. all i know is that it contain Ammonium Hydroxide btu i know that there are other chemical in it. if possible i also wanna know the percent of the component.


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Well, first you gotta know the difference between liquid ammonia and liquor ammonia.Liquid ammonia, about which you are talking, is nothing but liquified ammonia and does not contain water. Hence, it is nuetral. But if it is a floor cleaner or something, I dunno whether it is pure nuetral liquefied ammonia, for liquor ammonia is the one that contains ammonia in solutin,i.e. it contains water. wink


As the writer stated, his liquid ammonia contains ammonium hydroxide making it absolutely clear that he is asking about ammonium hydroxide (aka ammonia water NH4(OH)) and not liquified ammonia (NH3). Also, the term liquor ammoniae (note the genitive) hasn't been used since the death of alchemy when such terms as liquor ammoniae and aqua fortis were discarded in favor of scientific nomenclature.

The question was really quite simple, but one to which I don't know the answer. Some commerical preparatons of "ammonia" (shortened from ammonia water) do contain detergents and buffers, but basically it is simply a solution of NH4(OH), unfortunately unlike hydrogen peroxide ammonia solutions don't indicate the concentration of NH4(OH) to H2O.

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