Reactivity of Titanium

From what I know elements can have different types of reactivity and to be honest I have no idea about that. I also have read somewhere that Titanium's reactivity increases with temperature.

Could somebody tell me about the reactivity of this element and explain the increasing reactivity?


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Reactive with what?

virtually everything becomes more reactive if u heat it; that's why u store coffee in the refrigerator, so that the reaction between the volatile oils and the oxygen is slowed down. why should titanium's behavior in this regard be in any way remarkable? This is the thermodynamic corollary to Fudd's Law; if you heat anything enough, it will get hot.

[quote="Martin17"]that's why u store coffee in the refrigerator[/quote]
I store coffee in my fridge?

It's in the cupboard next to the teabags and the sugar!

You now know the chemical reason you should be putting it in the refrigerator. :D

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