Slowing the reaction of sodium silicate and alkali.

Hi Folks , I am new to this forum and I am trying to find a way to slow the reaction of sodium silicate (water glass) when it comes in contact with a alkali. Anyone have any suggestions?



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How about mixing it as it

How about mixing it as it flows into the cast.
Using a mixing process like the one's use with two part epoxy.
Works great with my one minute epoxy.

cool it down...

Thanks feline 1

Hi Felin 1 , thanks for the input , unfortunately chilling or cooling is not going to work as there will be viscosity issues to deal with. What I am seeking is a chemical additive that will slow the reaction of Nasi02 so that the matrix can be mixed and then cast. Thanks for the help though. Let me know if the beard improves the odds!!!


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