how to convert the oxgen from 32g/mol to ml???

it has been a long time i never worked on chemistry... there are some questions i am not sure and dont know how to do.
so some one pls help me.. thank you

I have a chemical equation here
Sodium Dioxide react with water will give out Sodium Hydroxied and oxygen:
2Na2O2+2H2O-->4NaOH + O2

Molar mass of Na2O2=(23*2+2*16)=78g/mol
Molar mass of H2O=(1*2+16)=18g/mol
Molar mass of NaOH=(23+16+1)=40g/mol
Molar mass of O2=16*2=32g/mol

is my calculation correct? and
how to convert the oxgen from 32g/mol to ml???

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What calculation did you do?

To: Orangetea

You asked for help in converting a mass of oxygen into a volume of oxygen.

One way is to use the Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT where P is the pressure, V is the volume, R is the Ideal Gas Constant, T is the temperature in K, and n is the number of moles of gas.

So: V = nRT/P a) Convert the grams of oxygen to moles using 32 gm = 1.0 mole of oxygen gas, b) Enter the temperature in K, the pressure, c) enter the ideal gas constant, and d) solve for V.

If the oxygen is at Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP), then you could also use the following conversion factor:

22.4 Liters of Oxygen = 1.00 moles of Oxygen

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