Cesium - any unusual facts?

Hi! We have to do a powerpoint presentation for our sixth grade. The teacher wants us to find unusual facts about the element cesium ( [i]or caesium). If anyone knows some we would be grateful. But we have to able to list the source in a bibliography. Thanks [b][u]SO[/u][/b] Much!! :lol: [/i]


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[quote="UCB Mitch"]Since Chlorine is denser then air, have you tried flowing the gas into a sealed container?[/quote]

This seems to be getting off the topic of cesium, but since we are on Cl, rather than using a battery, just put about 250 ml of chlorine bleach in an Erlenmeyer flask and add about a teaspoon of sodium bisulfate NaHSO4; the evolved Cl can be directed through a glass tube into a cylinder filled with CaCl2 (to absorb any H2O) and you will get anhydrous chlorine in an inverted test tube or whatever. You can also bubble the Cl2 into a gently heated solution of NaBr and liberate Br2 as a reddish-brown gas which can also be directed through a solution of NaI which will become black with the liberated I2 (you need a higher heat to sublime the I2 to a suffocating violet vapor.

Much of my youth was misspent with halogen chemistry; I won't repeat what my doctor says about the state of my lung tissue, but from experience, keep the lab area well ventilated and don't breath the vapor in. Fluorine is prepared by similar means, but requires much higher energy levels to break the bonds and the affinity of F2 for bonding to everythng under the sun makes it much more dangerous to play with. Caution is advised.

To the best of my knowledge, no macroscopic quantities of astatine have ever been prepared; I may die without knowing what At2 vapor looks like and without ever having seen the last of the halogens.

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