The colour checking machine 's name? What is it?

My teacher want me to find out the name of a machine that can sense colour. Anyone have any idea on what is it called?

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What your thinking of is simply called a colourimeter.

Yes, but anyone know how to use it?

Thank You for answering

Your eyes determine colour by measuring the relative amounts of "blue" wavelengths and "yellow" wavelengths in it.
(ie there's two pigments in your retina, each of them absorb photons in the visible range: one has a max absorbption in "blue" nanometres, the other has a max absorption in "yellow" nanometres.)

This makes colour determination quite strange and relative - it's not like (say) perception of pitch in audio, where higher frequencies mean higher notes:

you can't just follow the wavelength of light and say what colour it is, it all depends on the relative total intensities of all the different wavelengths hitting your retina.

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