Sound Frequencies for elements in Periodic table

Does anyone know how to convert the elements of the periodic table into sound frequencies measured in HZ or cycles per second?

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anyway Hydrogen is a quite

anyway Hydrogen is a quite abundant in distant galaxies

Dr Linders, your question does not compute :)

Elements do not have "sounds".

Actually, I believe it has

Actually, I believe it has been discovered that all matter has an associated sound frequency. It runs along the principle of the champagne glass shattering when the Opera singer hits a certain note.

What principle is this? and

What principle is this? and discovered by whom? Are you not slightly embarrassed by the vacuity of all of this? And they don't use champagne glasses for the resonance trick; it is a white wine glass.

Actually, yes.....
could you somehow look at the wave nature of the atoms/electrons and convert that into a frequency?

Wavenumbers -> Hz?

Well what use would that be?
Electromagnetic radiation (transverse oscillating E and B fields) isn't the same as sound (longitudinal oscillating pressure waves)
and anyways, most adult humans can only hear up to about 16kHz (babies get to 20kHz) so if you DID make analogous sound waves to atomic spectra, I think even bats would struggle to hear them! :lol:

I'm sure a scaleing factor would have to be included. :roll:

Yes all atoms will have mater-waves associated to them given by the de Broglie equation, and these waves would have a frequency. But like feline1 said, these mater waves refer to EM radiation which is nothing like sound waves.

If an atom gave out a matter wave in the radio wave region I suppose you could convert it to sound using some sort of radio receiver. But then that’s not really the atom giving out sound us converting what it does “give out” to sound.

I’m sure this question is a wind up.

Well I bet it's just some New Age loon who wants to make "music" which is all "based on the fundamental frequencies inherent in nature" or some similar Music of the Spheres claptrap.

Hello. I would like to take

Hello. I would like to take this question one step further.

It is obviously true that every element has a resonant frequency.
It is upon this principle that the atomic clock is based.
Does anyone have a resource for finding the atomic frequency of a given element in the periodic table?

Ignorant is he who denies the obvious..."claptrap."
Certainly, it is the very music of the spheres to which the universe dances that makes the Universe move.

....All spiffy words aside; I need to be able to figure out the frequencies emitted by every element's nucleus.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you,

Dr. Seth T. Whitecotton

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