What would you call a new element

What would you call a new element? I'd be tempted by daltonium

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Although, I think the strongest case could be made for Ghiorsoium.

I think you have to have an element to name first; one way is to be a hard-working scientist, experiment in the laboratory, publish your results in a peer-reviewed journal and get your work acknowledged by your fellow scientists. Alternatively, you can be a self-aggrandizing bureaucrat for IUPAC and abrogate the rights and work of others and declare yourself to be the sole authority for handing out names.


New element names

I would call the new element [b]Milleniumium[/b]. But then again, I wuld probably incorporate the discoverer's name into it somehow! Also, Hi everybody. I am new here, as I have begun studying Chemistry this year. I must say what a fascinating subject it is! :P

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