Mentos+Cola effect

I saw on the internet a clip which shows a man taking a mentos package and throw the mentos into a coca-cola bottle and then the cola sprays for something like 2 meters. I tried it too and it really works.
My question is: What are the ingredients in the mentos which cause this blow?

Thank you.


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Have a look at this

Have a look at this extension of the mentoes and diet coke video

as you see in pictur the

as you see in pictur

the phenomenon of surface tension occur at the surface of the liquid ,and the tension easy breakdown by any vibration or by drop any stone this means that any stone can be freeing the carbon dioxide molecules in the liquid so if the surface tension justification true then the phenomenon can occur by any thing not only by mentos


Myth busters went over this

Myth busters went over this in detail and ordered pure chemicals to determine which one in the mentos was creating the effect, it also had to do with all the holes in the shell of the mentos. Cola though for me in general i can't stand I drank so much as a kid none stop it was like i needed [url=]alcohol rehab[/url] but for coca cola.

I tried it and it was fun! My

I tried it and it was fun! My kids find if very funny so I have to do it many times. You should try it too but be sure you don't want to drink coke after that.

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"Mentos solutes and increases soda's pH. Once the liquid becomes less acidic carbonic acid breaks up and becomes gaseous carbon dioxide and water.
You get the same responce with pretty much any carboned water solution and alkaline solid."

From ~ATMyller

do we agree, that carbonic acid in itself is unstable, and will break into water and carbondioxide?

In soda are hydrogencarbonate and carbonate, and naturally carbonic acid.

I cant see, how a increase in pH can make carbonic acid break.
H2CO3 + OH- --> HCO3- + H2O

but if we decreased the pH I could see it.
HCO3- + H3O+ --> H2CO3 + H2O --> CO2 + 2 H2O

thats also what happens if you put acid into a solution af carbonates..

Correct me if I'm wrong, but i really cant see hov an increase of pH, can make CO2..

Here is a video (hosted on Google Videos) of said reaction:

According to the site I got that link from:
"The reaction between the mentos and the soda has nothing to do with acidity. The same thing will happen with any carbonated drink. EVEN SELTZER WATER! The arabic gum in the mentos allows the surface tension of the liquid to be broken more easily, allowing the carbon dioxide trapped in the bubbles to be released very quickly which creates the pressure for the fountain"

Bear in mind that came only from a blog page, however.

I see now..

Thank you:)

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