Uses for salt

Do any of you know uses for salt need it for a project :?: :D


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I know salt is used to lower the melting point of water when it snows and there is ice and snow on walkways and roads. Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't it a neccesary in the human diet as well...
go to a search engine and search for "uses of salt" or something like that and you should be able to find a lot more uses.

Sodium Iodide is needed for the thyroid and is why table salt has sodium iodide in it. Not much is needed however so table salt is predominately Sodium chloride.

uses for NaCl

Salt is used as a mordant or fixer to make dyes more stable; in the days of artificial aniline dyes this use is no longer as important as it once was with natural organic dyes, but many home dyers even today add a cup if salt before dyeing.

Within the body, NaCl is the principal source of the chloride ion Cl- which is required for the formation of HCl hydrochloric acid, the principal component of stomach acid; without this acid, death from pernicious anemia results.

Thank You all for all of your help my project is due in about 3 weeks and we needed fo uses of any elemnt we choosed so that we can biuld an student perodic elemnt table if any has the table of elements and what to e-mail it to me my e-mail adress is

Thanks Chow
Cubes0409 :)

good luck with that.

Let us know how it goes.

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