Lists of melting points and boiling points by compound

I have recently begun a project which requires I compare
melting points and boiling points for an array of compounts

Is there any book or place that you know off where i could find the m/b points for say, all chlorides?
(nCl2, SnCl2 etc. )

if you know of anywhere where these are listed in a simple fashion, please let me know, thank you very much.


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Chemfinder is the most

Chemfinder is the most comprehensive resource for chemical compound data on the Web at this time testking 000-206. Enter the formula, name, molecular weight, or even a drawn structure fragment of a compound and this database fills in the blanks and returns structural formulas and a few other properties, along with compound-specific MSDS links testking 000-331. The database presently contains over 75000 compounds, although detailed data is available only for a few thousand of the most common compounds. Cambridge provides a free browser plugin that allows you to draw the molecular structure you're searching for in the browser window testking 000-960. If you find yourself using the database regularly, the site will require you to register (registration is free). Searches are (quite reasonably) restricted for bandwidth considerations. A commercial version of the database doesn't have these restrictions.

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