Alkane's boiling point graph

When I plot the boiling points of the Alkane, there is a curve. I know it is because of the amount of Van de Walls forces that makes their boiling point go up as the molecules get bigger. But the increase is 2n+2 of H and 1 of C everytime so the graph should be a straight line. Why is it a curve? (i am sure the boiling points and my graph is correct)


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Thank you for answering. The curve is going down and i just found out why. It is because as the molecules get longer, it folds and some of the Vaan der Waals forces is acting on itself. For more info, go to Thx

It's actually interesting, though.

When I did A level chemistry, I was taught that alkane VdW forces were practically non-existant.

How times (and teachers, I would imagine) change!

Cool, i am learning A level stuff at GCSE level :)

I seem to get the impression Hong Kong students always seem to be doing more than we ever did :?

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