rizla (papers used for rolling ciggies)

im intrigued by the colour flame that was produced by my rizla today. the rolling paper has a blueberry scent and the gum is flavoured there are little blueberries also printed on to the paper.

Basically the paper burns hints of green flame

cud this harm my health??
(not that tobbacco is already full of cr*p)


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Re: rizla (papers used for rolling ciggies)


cud this harm my health??


Being in Reading will also harm your health 8)


well at least im not in brighton...fag!

take that back,
or I'll get my boyfriend to scratch your eyes out!!!! :evil:

hahahaha. we playin u boys at american football on sunday. hopefully i meet ur boyfriend.adios

I doubt it.

y does everyting av 2 b spelt rite wiv every1 on ere jus coz e said cud!!!

That's quite enough nonsense...


The green colour is probably caused by traces of copper, which is a natural pigment in many fruits. It is not as harmful as nicotine found in tobacco, which can kill rats in even small doses.

There. Dry your eyes mate. innit.

[quote="marcs1268"]y does everyting av 2 b spelt rite wiv every1 on ere jus coz e said cud!!![/quote]
I think you'll find most people who have replied in this thread have not altered their typing style because the first poster said 'cud'

We all type pretty normally all the time!

cheers halfaquark. i can sleep safely now knowing what it was...or maybe because of what im smoking. does it really matter about spelling.

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