I am having diffuclty writing the chemical formulas can any body help. I can not seem to be able to wirte down the equation from words to symbols. Please help


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Question: What is the

Question: What is the percent yield if 36.5 grams of propane reacts as 6.5 grams of oxygen to form 3.5 grams of carbon dioxide?

Give a specific example of one or two you are trying to do, and somebody will be able to walk you through it.


I have dificulty in interprating the following. For example hydrofluoric acid, absorbic acid etc.

They are two good examples.

The first, Hydrofluric acid, is easy, because you know it has a Hydrogen in it (Hydro-) and you know it has a Flurine in it (-fluric), so you can safely say it is HF, given H has 1 electron to spare and F needs one.

As for Ascorbic acid, that is what is known as a 'trivial name', meaning the name goves no (direct) indication of the forumla of the chemical. It is something you 'just know'.
I am bad with trivial names often, so I had to google that one. It is this lovely thing:

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