osmium and AA machine testing

Hi. I'm currently involved in researching usage of AA spectrography in determining the levels of precious metals in leaching solutions. I keep finding that osmium lamps are not available for FAAS or GRAAS machines but silly me, I just have to try to understand why. Anybody out there have some info for me?

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Gold - Cyanide Leaching?

You are going to be dealing with a HCN bi-product & a RADIOACTIVE lamp??? R.I.P.

Are you working with a concentrate from flotion ciruit.

In the case of Au there is a cyanide leeching facitity at most gold mines. I apologize prefusley as I was concerned that you were a youth about to expose themself to HCN. At the big mining operations they have safe lab environ. after washing the metal(s) with FAAS and/or GRAAS with an osmium lamp aimed at the metal,

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