whats the mass, specific heat, and solubility of Molybdenum? please help!! thanx so much :D

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Molybdenum 42

[b]Molybdenum 42 [/b]has an atomic mass of [b]95.94 [/b](which indicates that it has isotopes). Specifit heat of [b]0.25 J/gm K[/b] (solid at room temperature). And as we know its a metal and metals in water are surrounded by [u]six[/u] water molecules. Its solubility depends on its compunds. Some compounds are soluble in water like salts of this metal (halides), compounds containing Floride, salts of nitrate, chlorate, perchlorate, acetate and sulfate. And other insoluble compounds like the carbonates, phosphates, oxalates, chromates, sulfides, and most metal hydroxides and oxides.


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