sulphur allotropes

given you two sulphur allotropes, monoclinic sulphur and rhombic sulphur. Now the question is about compare the densities of the two allotropes. Which allotrope is less dense? and why?

What am I to do? I have search almost everywhere but I just can't find an answer to it.


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Why? You could simply say, the higher density structure has less "empty space". Or, I don't know what you know about crystals, but I would guess the higher density structure has more symmetry within the crystal.

On a side note, usually the higher temperature polymorph/allotrope is more dense, however this is not the case for S. Example, diamond is more dense than Graphite, cubic Zirconia is more dense than the low temperature monoclinic or tetragonal zirconia. (Notice, the more symmetrical crystals possess higher densities in the examples I just gave.)

The densities of these are given in standard handbooks. You just look them up. Alpha or orthorhombic S[sub]8[/sub] does indeed have a greater density than Beta or monclinic S[sub]8[/sub].

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